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WaterMiser systems are efficient and affordable, and can usually be installed in one day (barring circumstances such as large properties, bad weather, or special designs).  We are homeowners too and understand that your time is very valuable.  Call to request a free estimate, and we'll help you figure out what's best for your lawn!
Unhappy with the quality of your lawn? Stuck with a system you can't count on? Have an irrigation problem you can't figure out? Whatever the case, it's nothing a visit from WaterMiser can't fix.  Below are just a few things we can help with.  Give us a call at                         , email us at WaterMiserNJ@gmail.com, or visit the contact us page.   Your lawn will thank you for it!
Is a zone not coming up? Are your heads refusing to go down? Is there water where you don't want it?  Call us!  All these and more are business as usual to our team of professionals, and we'll have the problem fixed in no time at all.

Some of the things we're ready to help you fix include:

     - Leaks. Whether it's the result of roots, new addition, or just an old system, we can help get the water to where it should go, your lawn.   If you see something, say something! Call us at                             .  We'll investigate the problem and fix it before the damage gets serious.

     - Heads. What good is a sprinkler system if the heads don't function properly? Whether your heads have been severed by lawnmowers, not turning, leaking too much water, or simply not going down, give us a call and we'll take care of it for you. WaterMiser only uses the highest quality and most reliable rotary sprinkler heads on the market.  All WaterMiser sprinkler heads come with a standard 5 year manufacture warranty.

     - Timers. Has your timer gone rogue? Are your sprinklers coming on at every hour except the ones you've set it for? Or is your machine just old and impossible to figure out? Give us a ring and we'll help you set it straight.  WaterMiser uses Irritrol Total Control timers, the best and easiest on the market and RainBird ESP-ME Wifi timers to give your sprinkler system some cutting edge technology.

Don't see the problem in the list above? Never fear! WaterMiser still has the expertise you need to fix it.     

Sprinklers are like bears -- both like to hibernate in the winter.  The Weather is too cruel and unpredictable to risk your system getting damaged. Give WaterMiser a call, and we'll make sure your system stays safe in freezing temperatures.
Contracts are our favorite way to do business -- not only does it help us keep better track of your system, it gives you the chance to take advantage of our generous discounts.  We offer three contract plans: Preferred, which covers a spring start-up and a winterization with 10% off all parts we use, Preferred Plus, which includes a start-up, winterization, and a mid-season visit.  It includes a 20% discount on all parts. And The Ultra, which is a once a month monitoring of the system for the first six months and a winterizing on the seventh month.  It includes a 25% discount on all parts used.  Prices vary by the size of your system, so give us a call and we'll help get you started!

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